Check-Up Program


The personalized medical check-up is realized in four steps, allowing Med-Rio Check-Up to carefully evaluate risk factors and make quicker diagnoses, identify possible diseases and consequently propose effective measures to improve health and lifestyle.

1 step

The patient is asked to fill out a detailed, personalized questionnaire that allows us to better adapt the medical check-up, taking family history and risk factors (lifestyle, stress level, anxiety, depression etc) into account.

2 step

Complete medical exams in one of Med-Rio Check-Up´s units (Botafogo or Barra da Tijuca), realized during a single, five hour visit, in the morning or in the afternoon, from Monday to Saturday.

3 step

The complete test results are made available to the client through the Med-Rio Check-Up app or website. All data are encrypted and strictly personal.


4 step

The preparation of a post-check-up health program that aims to correct identified risk factors (stress management, sleep, physical activity, eating habits).

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