Prevention Program

Preventive Medicine

According to a recent study from Harvard University, 80 percent of all medical appointments are directly linked to daily life stress. 73 percent of all deaths in big cities have some relation to living habits (unbalanced eating habits, low quality sleep, a sedentary lifestyle…), according to scientists at the American University of Stanford.

Pioneers and passionate about preventive medicine, the founders of Med-Rio Check-up, doctors Ururahy and Assis has gone even further and also founded the Med-Rio Check-up Institute, and from 2018, applied lifestyle medicine will be taught at the Institute, as postgraduate courses. Prevention is in fact part of the medicine of the future: Knowing your risk factors and take measures to improve your way of life are essential to guaranty longevity and independence!

It is however difficult to change habits: 85 percent do not succeed (Source: Harvard study). And this is why Med-Rio Check-up offers an innovative, fast and effective follow-up program to clients.